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We have been leaders in this industry since the very beginning. Our highly advanced quality and popular range of products catapulted us from a local Legal High Company to one of the most recognized names the world over in this Business. We continuously work to improve and develop new products that can help to improve your health, beauty, social life and nights on the town.

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For the legal weed experience, these all natural herbal highs are designed with taking a break in mind. Relaxants that have stimulating properties. The plants in herbal highs have been used for the same purposes, by ancient cultures the world over, use for an historic night in or out; best shared, and put in the hands of a master crafter for the perfect roll.

A flavourless drop of party pills that pushes boundaries. They embody the ultimate night out experience. Energetic compunds or pure outrageous enhancers of mood, mind, body and soul, to raise the dancefloor to the levels of the banging crescendo of sound. Miles of smiles with the long lasting party pills effect.